July 9 - August 6, 2017 at Yale University

Campus Life

Image of Baker Hall

YSPA students and Teaching Assistants will live in one of the residential college dormitories.  All Yale’s dormitories are about 1 mile from the Leitner Observatory.  The residential colleges have many amenities, including lounge areas, a library, etc.. Students will share rooms with a roommate in a suite of rooms with a common room. Students will be supervised in the dorms by the TAs and the Teaching Fellow, who will live in adjacent suites in the dorm, as well as the Program Coordinator. 

Each class day in the mornings, all students will walk together along with the TAs to the Leitner Observatory for class at 10am (attendance is mandatory), then we will have lunch at the observatory together as a group, then we will work in the computer lab in the afternoons. 

All YSPA students and staff will dine together each evening in the dining hall. After dinner, most students will return with the TAs and Teaching Fellow to work at the observatory, but some students may stay behind at the dorm to work, relax, or participate in other dorm or campus activities as supervised by the TAs or the Program Coordinator. Curfews will normally be enforced each evening at 2am, when the last campus shuttle will bring students back to the dorm from the observatory. 

Students will also have access to the Payne Whitney Gymnasium at Yale (for a fee), to the Yale library system, and to other campus facilities. 

The health and safety of our students is paramount, and YSPA students will be expected to always stay within designated boundaries on campus, and our students will always be supervised at the observatory and escorted between the observatory and dorm by YSPA staff. The Yale police station is located close to both the dormitory and the Leitner Observatory, and campus police will always be advised when we are working late at the observatory and will provide additional supervision.