What is YSPA?

image of YSPA participants, courtesy of M. Faison

YSPA is a 2-week online + 4-week residential research and enrichment program for 32 rising high school seniors who are interested in astronomy, physics, math, computer programming, and other science and tech fields.

YSPA has a small student-to-faculty ratio (32:5), so students get to know each other and the faculty very well.  It’s a summer experience like no other.

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YSPA on Hiatus for 2021

The Yale Summer Program in Astrophysics will be on temporary hiatus for 2021. Please check yspa.yale.edu again in November 2021 for information on applying for the 2022 program.

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An Inside Look at YSPA

Learn how YSPA got started, and what its goals are.

YSPA Participants

YSPA Class of 2019